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Eise nuddlegen Här September 22, 2007

Posted by Pastafari in FSM Weltweit, Konscht.

Our Noodly Lord

High in the sky, unseen by the masses
Enlightening people as he silently passes
Extending an appendage that’s noodly in shape
He gives people wisdom, leaving them mouth agape.
Though nobody knows what his intentions may be,
One thing is certain; it’s easy to see:
His Noodliness is benevolent and wise
Dishing out knowledge as he flies through the skies.
The FSM is here to help
Floating around like a great ball of kelp
Though he can enlighten, go through walls, and fly
We must always ask ourselves why
He does the things that he does
For we are forever in his debt because,
Whether he’s friendly, helpful, or just bored
He will always love us, Our Noodly Lord.




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